(Notice to players: The game ends when you receive the stamp to the last page of your adventure book at R9 Central Park station. You do not need to follow the story to other stations, and the mysterious note can be solved from anywhere regardless of location.)

After inputting the full passcode, surprisingly nothing happened, unlike the strong vibrations received each time I opened a seal.
Since I don’t know what to expect, I was the calmest person—or maybe just the most oblivious? But Mr. Wang, The Scarlet Lady, Red, Tachibana—basically everyone else is visually disturbed by the absence of anything happening.
They quickly shared a glance, and seemed to drop all signs of rivalry at once.

“Is there something wrong with the Artifact?” The Scarlet Lady asked uneasily.

“No time to waste, we must return to Formosa Boulevard at once!” Red exclaimed. Everyone agreed, and were appearing perfectly fine to move together with no hostilities. I was suspicious and tried to slip away, but The Scarlet Lady kept her hand on my wrist, so I had no choice but to follow along...

Back again at Formosa Boulevard station, Mr. Wang squatted beside the bronze plate of Qinglong and inputted “cloud” on a hidden keypad. The Scarlet Lady keeled next to the plate of Zhuque to enter “fire”, Red and Tachibana used “wind” and “water” on the plates of Baihu and Xuanwu. Tachibana gave me another code “phoenix”, and told me to enter it on the previous website with them at the same time. She also explained that this main code given to me is part of the vital information encrypted inside the Design Plans of the Lost Station!

After the five of us entered our codes, the eyes of the Four Benevolent Animals started to glow with blue, white, red and black sparks! The plates rose with a large roaring sound, creating 4 large blocks of bronze on the floor, and we started to inspect them. Each has a secret panel that covers a hidden cabinet, with a different object inside...Inside Qinglong, there is a thin metal rod, with fine golden threads warped on both ends. The middle is stark black engraved with a line of golden letters, which is too small to be legible but seems to be 13 characters in ancient Chinese...

Inside Baihu, there is an ancient medieval longsword, showing an elegant design of the Sun, Moon and constellation of 7 stars on the blade, along with mysterious rune inscriptions that seems to be glowing with energy...

Inside Baihu, there is a metal hammer that is very familiar to everyone involved. We all agreed that this must be the genuine hammer to be hidden here, and the one crushed single-handedly by an evil goddess of death is just a replica...But the cabinet inside Zhuque was empty!

Just as we were shocked with the discovery, I felt a slight chill to my neck, and found a polished black sword pressed to my throat! The four others—Mr. Wang, The Scarlet Lady, Red and Tachibana were also taken by surprise and restrained from behind by unknown Villains. They wouldn’t be seized if not were for the absence of the missing object—which I guess is the black sword, as The Scarlet Lady is staring at it furiously.

A man with the sword to my neck commanded “Stand down, Avatars of the Holy Beasts. Let this one retrieve the memory sticks under the objects…” I suddenly interrupted him recklessly without regard to the blade piercing the top of my skin “I’ve had ENOUGH! I am just a Nobody! Why should I be entangled with your elaborate conspiracies? Just let me go and I never saw a thing... you guys can have fun without me...” my voice wavered with anger mixed with fear...

The towering swordsman laughed out “Ha! So you don’t know why you are here? These Objects, they are not meant to be hold by nobody. Your friends the Avatars can only pick up the ones entrusted to their guard, and not possible to move the others. Which is precisely the reason for them to fight for your hand, Mr. Nobody.”

“I don’t have any superpowers, why should I be able to pick them up?!?”I almost laughed at his hilarious assertion that I can.
“Less talk, more action!! The Chosen One from the most intelligent 1973 people on Earth, is not selected just for the brains…” As he spoke, I felt drops of blood creeping down my neck, so I can’t help but bend to his will. I moved gently toward the cabinet of Xuanwu, and I think I saw a string of Japanese on the black sword“あめのむらくものつるぎ”...

My hand was shivering as I reached toward the hammer—yet to my own surprise, I picked it up effortlessly! The other Objects were also successfully removed regardless of the apparent weight, and sure enough there was a superalloy box under each one, with a memory stick inserted inside.

The Avatars and the Villains all seem to be excepting my ease with a calm face, but in their eyes I can see that they are slightly envious, and totally amazed by my performance!

The swordsman gathered his men and the superalloy boxes from my hand. I saw the four Avatars fall unconscious one after the other, and with a sudden prick on the back of my neck, I also blacked out and fainted on the floor...

“Hey Mister, are you all right?”

I opened my eyes, still feeling a bit clouded, and saw a Kaohsiung MRT staff speaking to me.

“I am fine, thank you…” I stood up and politely declined his assistance, and the staff returned to his work position.
I looked around searching for the others, whom were expectedly gone by now, and the bronze plates of The Four Benevolent Animals have returned to their original positions.

Then I noticed a mysterious piece of paper in my hand:

(You can download and print this PDF)

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This looks like a message left for me by Red & Tachibana… but what does it mean?

My head is starting to pulse and throb again...

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