Introduction :

    The "Kaohsiung MRT Mystery Adventure" is a real-world puzzle solving game using the Kaohsiung Metro Rapid Transit system. This game is created by Moaideas Game Design for the 10th anniversary of the Kaohsiung MRT system, and is the first officially sponsored Metro puzzle solving game in Taiwan.
    Players of the game will be traveling around Kaohsiung via the MRT system, and experience the city through the unique story provided by our game. An epic trilogy that will be delivered in 3 parts, the first installment "Episode I – The Lost Station" gathered very positive reception from players in 2018.
    What kind of fascinating adventures will "Episode II – The Four Benevolent Animals" bring to you? Can you unravel all the mysterious that are waiting for you to solve? Come join us and play the "Kaohsiung MRT Mystery Adventure" !


    The MI6 researcher is sipping coffee, and suddenly the super computer screen that has been running continuously has made a loud beeping sound message:
    Supercomputer analysis of "Design Plan of Kaohsiung MRT O3 Station" is completed!!
    When the researcher saw the screen, he was so surprised that he almost spitted the coffee in his mouth...
    He rushed to print out the results of the analysis and report it to his superior.
    "This is impossibly advanced system, and the key to everyting is in Taiwan? In Kaohsiung?"
    "It is hard to believe, but once we acknowledge the results our super computer presented, however improbable,must be the truth."
    "Red and Tachibana, call them in ASAP!"
    "I am sorry, Sir, they were assigned to participate in S.H.I.E.L.D!"
    "What the..." The superior hold the anger and did not speak out. After all, he was the one who appointed their best two agents to participate.
    "In fact, there is still one person who can continue to track it down..." the researcher said cowardly...
    "I know who you are talking about...but he is not one of us." the chief said with his hands crossed over his chin. "But... It seems to be our only option to ask him again..."
    The sweet ringtone of my phone, is the famous soundtrack "Across the Stars" ~ However, it couldn't calm my emotions.
    It's three AM in the middle of the night, who is calling me now!
    "Hello, I heard that you had a very smart and intelligent performance last time in the "Lost Station" incident..."
    "Who...you...who are you? You don't sound like Red or Tachibana!"
    As soon as I hear "Lost Station", I wasn't sleepy anymore. I am totally alert!
    "That's not important, I will send you a copy of the information..."
    From the other end of the phone, suddenly I heard several loud gunshot sound!
    "What happened? Are you okay?!" I asked nervously!
    "Formosa Boulevard Station... Qinglong (The Azure Dragon), Baihu (The White Tiger), Zhuque (The Vermilion Bird), Xuanwu (The Black Tortoise)..."
    "Beep beep beep..." The phone has disconnected!
    What happened to this person, who is this person? What do those words mean?