Kaohsiung MRT Mystery Adventure


Introduction :

    The "Kaohsiung MRT Mystery Adventure" is a real-world puzzle solving game using the Kaohsiung Metro Rapid Transit system.
    This game is created by Moaideas Game Design for the 10th anniversary of the Kaohsiung MRT system, and is the first officially sponsored Metro puzzle solving game in Taiwan.

    Players of the game will be traveling around Kaohsiung via the MRT system, and experience the city through the unique story provided by our game.
    An epic trilogy that will be delivered in 3 parts from 2018 to 2020, what wonders would the first installment “Episode I – The Lost Station” be waiting for you?


    "Wow, what a sunny day in Kaohsiung." A couple appearing to be traveling tourists walked past me. They were complaining about the temperature and caught my attention.
    "Do you think this Legend is true?" The gentle looking man whispered to the female companion next to him.
    "Messages given from The Organization cannot be false. This is a huge secret...." The girl wearing sunglasses said while taking a sip from her drink.
    "It has been a while since this was first known to us, but fortunately the puzzle is yet to be solved. I heard many are chasing this lead. We have to hurry..."
    The man urges to his companion while busy sorting out bags of luggage. She was trying to shade herself with her hand to block the sun even with the sunglasses.
    Although it’s not polite to listen in, but what is this "Legend"? "Organization"? "Secret"? I have always been fond of mysteries, and I am well known for my curiosity, and these keywords draw my attention reflectively.
    I try to keep up with them, so I can continue to eavesdrop on their conversation, and maybe find out what they are trying to solve. However, the couple was whispering in a low voice with heads together, and hurried through the entrance of the R9 Central Park Station, weighed down by large and small bags.
    "Forget it; I should just mind my own business, since curiosity will kill the cat." I was a bit disappointed and mumbled to myself.
    But as I was just about to leave, I saw a package the tourists were just handling on the ground. Must have fallen in their haste to leave. It is heavier than it appears, and seems to be stuffed with bizarre items...?