Kaohsiung MRT Mystery Adventure

Warnings & Notices

1.     This game may be played by more than one player, but the Limited Edition 24 Hours Ticket included on the left can only admit one person for the Kaohsiung MRT system. For extra players that want to play together, please purchase generic 24 hour tickets from the information counters of each station.
2.    Average game time is 4-6 hours. Note that some puzzles can only be solved during the operation time of the Kaohsiung MRT system.
3.    Players should pay attention to their own safety and keep an eye on their belongings during gameplay. The Kaohsiung MRT is not responsible for any accidents or lost items during the game.
4.    Please keep everything included in the adventure kit. You never know when you might need them. In case of damaged or missing parts, the retailer booths selling this kit should have replacements.
5.    Although you don’t need a smartphone & internet connection to play this game, you will need to access our website to get hints and register your rankings. Feel free to use the complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots available in all Kaohsiung MRT stations.
6.    You can scan the QR Codes on each page to get hints for that quest.Looking at the hints will not affect your final ranking in any way, so feel free to do so when you are stuck on a quest. Click the link below for hints:
CLICK HERE FOR HINTS: http://mystery.krtco.com.tw:2018/hint/EN_help.aspx
7.    A mysterious force has forbidden all KMRT station personnel to assist players in puzzle solving. Please do not ask the staff for any hints or clues for the game.
2018.Don't be a spoiler.
Be a good chap and please do not reveal the answers to the puzzles on social media!